Beyond The Border: Riding Solo in Mexico

January 18, 2011 by
Categories: Mexico, Vacation, Sierra Madre


In his latest adventure motorcycle documentary Beyond The Border (Riding Solo in Mexico), Seattle filmmaker and moto-journalist Sterling Noren pursues his passion for adventure travel, riding through the Baja Peninsula and the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico in search of a story about life in Mexico that is NOT full of violence and despair. He succeeds in capturing the spirit of adventure and discovery, and making a film as much about motorcycle travel as it is about freedom, survival and people coming together to make peace.

Heading solo into the unknown, Noren successfully navigates 3,000 miles of rugged terrain, passing through small fishing villages along the coast of Baja, and the isolated pueblos on dirt roads at the bottom of the spectacular 6,100 ft deep Copper Canyon (a canyon system four times the size of the Grand Canyon). He tells a story of friendships, fears and challenge as he discovers a “real treasure of Sierra Madre,” a life-affirming event that stands in contrast to the ever-present news about the drug wars south of the border.

Noren documents “the greatest race the world has never seen,” the 50-mile Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, meets it’s inspiring organizer Micah True (Caballo Blanco) and the race participants, the ancient tribe of Tarahumara Indians – The Rarámuri.

Beyond The Border (Riding Solo in Mexico) is available here through Touratech-USA.

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