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Mexican Border CrossingEffective June 11, 2011, Mexico has implemented a new policy for the issuance of temporary vehicle permits.

The Changes are as follows:

  1. The fee for importation of a vehicle is $44.00 USD plus IVA; this fee is the same whether the permit is obtained at the border, consulates or online.
  2. A guarantee deposit for the return of the vehicle to the US, regardless of the form of payment, we be applied to all vehicles. The amount of the guarantee will be determined by the year of the vehicle. The guarantee will be refunded upon cancellation of the permit at Banjercito offices, as long as it is prior to the expiration date of the permit. The refund will be made in the same form as the deposit was made.
    • 2007 – Newer  $400 USD
    • 2001 – 2006    $300 USD
    • 2000 – Older   $200 USD
  3. If the vehicle is not returned to the US prior to the expiration date on the permit, or the permit is not canceled upon exiting Mexico, the guarantee deposit will be forfeited.
  4. Before Banjercito issues a permit, they will verify the VIN # to make sure the vehicle does not have any restrictions to be driven in the US or Canada, in which case the permit will not be allowed.It is important that we remind our customers to cancel the permit at the border prior to returning to the US, to ensure that they receive their guarantee deposit back.

    Our recommendation, as long as the customers have enough time (between 7-10 days), is that they process the temporary importation permit online. This will improve their experience and avoid the time spent at the border crossing.

** Update for RVs & Motorhomes **

  • The maximum weight for all vehicles, including motor homes, in order to obtain a temporary import permit at Banjercito is 7,716 pounds, which is equal to 3.8 tons.
  • Temporary import permits for motor homes can be issued for up to 10 years but they have to be registered as a motorhome in order to qualify for this permit.
  • Vehicles that exceed the specified weight, need to go to Aduanas (at the border) for an inspection. There it will be determined if the vehicle is in good working condition and meets all the general requirements for temporary importation.
  • If the vehicle is towing another car, the attached unit would also undergo the inspection. Also, people who are towing need to make sure they disclose this when applying for the import permits.
    1. If the motorhome is towing another vehicle, the time limit for the temporary import permit is a maximum of 180 days.
  • There could be a difference in the price for vehicles that undergo the extra inspection, than vehicles that only go through Banjercito. According to our sources at Banjercito, Aduanas would determine the cost.

48 Responses to “New Policy for Mexico Temporary Vehicle Import Permits-EFFECTIVE NOW”

  1. Stephanie

    Hi, i took out a permit online for 7 days but we had some changes & i need to add more days to it , is there anything i can do, we leave town tomorrow




  3. Tony Fryer

    I have my Residente Temporal visa, and received the TIP permit for my Jeep. My TIP permit will expire in January 2020, and stated on the permit (the windshield ticker and original documentation). Can I exit Mexico to visit relatives in the USA, and then return into Mexico before the January 2020 expiration? I ask because I see posts which say that the TIP permit is valid for 180 days. As I mentioned above, my permit reads expiration January 7, 2020. Thank you for your time, patience and response. Con una sonrisa. Tony Fryer

  4. Vivana

    Want to know if I get a permit for my vehicle that has a salvage title due to flood.

  5. Raul Hernandez

    Seems like the link to aduanas goes to Chile’s aduanas. I think that’s wrong.

    I’m looking for information if my truck weighs too much. The gross wt of my truck is 9400, but truck by itself weighs 7400lbs.

    Any input on this? I’ll be calling the banjercito number that you’ve mentioned in other posts later today.

  6. Adolfo

    I am a us citizen and turned in my vehicle permit over a month ago. I am planing to go to mexico again. Can I take out another permit?

    • Rebecca

      Yes, you will be able to get another TIP when you re-enter BUT it is a really good idea to bring your proof of your cancellation of your other permit with you just in case they can’t find your cancellation in their system. In fact, you should ALWAYS keep ALL previous records of your TIP cancellations way into the future, and have them handy each time you apply for a new TIP or if you ever decide to nationalize (permanently import) your vehicle to Mexico.

  7. luis

    can i takw a 2002 f150 to mexico to stay there how much will i have to paid to meke it legalized so i can keep it in mexico

  8. Lilia aguilar

    I applied for my permit 2 weeks ago and it was approved. I have not recieved it yet and I’m supposed to leave for Mexico tonite. what should I do or who do I contact?

  9. Juan Vaglienty

    I took out a permit for a vechicle I took to Mexico 15 yrs ago unfortunately I never returned the vechicle to cancel the permit , I lost the permit papers . I’m sure they get the money too I paid to get the permit i’m wondering if I’m off the system by now . If I can get another permit to go to Mexico…. Thanks .

  10. Ammy Rodrguez

    I field for a permit and it’s accepted I’ve received it already but i had said i would leave on the 20 could i leave to Mexico before this date?

  11. Jose

    I have been denied a permit my truck is a 2008 Liberty clean title free of accidents but they said denied because it supposedly had structual damage and carfax shows no accidents any suggestions

  12. Jennifer

    If I submitted a permit and they canceled it because I put a date that was expired accidently, and know I am trying to re apply, it keeps on telling me that I have an ongoing permit and can’t start a new one what would I do in this case. And they already took the money out of my credit card ? Would I still get the permit ?

  13. Gabriela

    I want to travel to Nueva Rosita do I need a permit for my car and if so where do I go to get one.

  14. Andrew gluesenkamp

    I purchased a Temporary permit and my card was charged for the deposit. I returned to the US weeks ago but plan to use my permit again before it expires. Do I have to wait until I cance/renew my permit to get my $500 back? I thought they were supposed to put a hold on it and only charge me if I do not return the vehicle to the US. Please advise.

  15. Bibi

    My dad wants to legalize his 1997 F-150 in Mexico and give it to his nephew. Is he allowed to do this? What is the process? How long will it take? He drove the truck to Monterrey from the east coast over the holidays but when he looked into legalizing it, he was told they were not legalizing vehicles from 1997. He left the truck in Mcallen wroth friends, but if legalizing is not an available option, I want to let him know so we can arrange to sell the truck in TX or drive it back home. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  16. Amy

    We purchased a 10 year temporary import permit for our RV several years ago and it expires in the spring of 2016. We brought it back to Canada, thinking that we would be taking it down to Mexico again. We have since upgraded to a larger RV and will not be taking the RV (with the temporary import permit still valid on it) back to Mexico. How do we go about cancelling the importation permit for this RV?

    • Roxanna McDade

      Hello Amy. A Temporary Import Permit (TIP) must be returned to the Banjercito at the border, before crossing back into the U.S. The Banjercito officials will remove the sticker from the vehicle’s windshield, and return any deposit that is due. If a TIP is turned in after the expiration date, the deposit is automatically forfeited. Failure to return a TIP will result in the Mexican authorities denying any future vehicle import permits. Vehicle Import permits are normally turned in at the same border crossing office where they were first obtained, no matter the type of vehicle (car, RV, boat, etc.).

      You can read more about it on our website:

  17. Jean Crocker

    i brought my 94 ford ranger into Mexico almost 7 years ago. It has never returned to the USA…I understand that as long as I have my FM2 visa the truck is still legal…..Is this correct?

  18. Jean Crocker

    I brought my 97 ford ranger in to Mexico 7 years ago…..have never returned with it to the USA……I still have my FM2 and am soon looking in to applying for citizenship……We have built a home here……..My understanding was when we brought the truck in to Mexico that as long as I had a valid visa the truck was good…..Is that correct? I have had it insured with Mexpro …….thanks Jean

  19. rick lawrence

    I don’t think I saw this on this page. It is important to turn in your tvip also, so you can drive a vehicle back into Mexico sometime in the future. If you do not turn in your tvip, you are in the system forever as “did not turn in the tvip” We witnessed 2 guys having to sign over their motorcycles to their wives, to get into Mexico, because on a previous trip they didn’t turn in the tvip.

  20. Rosie

    I have a permit for a truck and a 2006 motorcyle. Can I sell the motorcycle in Mexico or legalize it? How will this impact the permit?

  21. Maria Reyes

    Hello, I have a 2006 F150 in Monterrey that for the last 3 years I have been getting a 6-month permit on the truck. Can I legalize it yet? And what are the exact fees and process to do so?

    • roxanna

      In order to legalize a vehicle it has to be at least 10 years old. Therefore a 2006 will not yet be eliegible. In terms of fees, it would depend a lot on the tax changes between now and then, as well as the Customers Broker that you use.



  23. Dennis Janson

    My wife and I have an FM2 and want to buy a used vehicle in the states. Is there a way to do that without paying the $1,500 to $1,800 to legalize it for Mexico at the border. We are missionaries and live fulltime in PV volunteering our services as English Teachers at a orphanage and a home for abused girls.Used cars are very expensive in Mexico.

    • roxanna

      I apologize for the delay. Here’s what we found about your question.

      Unfortunately there are limited options when it comes to a used cars in Mexico. Essentially you have three options:

      1. Purchase a Mexican plated vehicle. As you say, this can be difficult due to the lack of used cars for sell in Mexico, but there are no visas and no import taxes.

      2. Purchase a used American Plated vehicle and take out a temporary visa/permit on the car. This requires renewing the visa every 6 months, but allows you to purchase an economical used vehicle that doesn’t require the import tax.

      3. Pay the importation tax. While this is an expensive option, it is a one time event. Whereas the temporary visa is a small, but ongoing cost.

      Really the best option depends on the time frame you expect to stay in PV. A good short-term solution may be purchasing a US vehicle. A long term solution may be importation.

      We ho0e that helps!

  24. roxanna

    Dear Janet,
    Thank your for your business.

    Great question, here is the answer from the Banjercito site (

    Important aspects to keep in mind for the temporary importation of a vehicle:

    a) A temporary import is only possible for one vehicle at a time.
    b) The maximum load capacity for a temporary vehicle import is 3.5 tons, not including the weight of the vehicle.
    c) You may tow with your vehicle one to three motorcycles, beach cars or dune buggies, or four-wheel motorcycles or ATVs. You must be able to provide proof of ownership for the vehicles being transported and they must be returned along with the towing or transporting vehicle.
    d) It is not permitted to sell the temporarily imported vehicles on Mexican territory or use them for commercial activities.
    e) The vehicle must be returned to the country of origin within the authorized timeframe as stated in the Temporary Import Permit.

    So you will need to get one permit for your truck, and then prove ownership (title) for the trailer.

    Anything else please let us know.

    Nate Watson
    International Insurance Group, Inc.

  25. Rick Olmstead

    I have a motor home with a tow vehicle. Will both be charged the appropriate rates or just the tow vehicle

  26. Janet Martin

    We have a Dodge truck and a fifth wheel. Is the new guarantee deposit payable on both or just the truck.
    Many thanks


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