New Baja Book: My Gold Coast - Baja

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Baja CoastBook Description:
A practical and informative guide to the Rosarito/Ensenada area of Baja. communications, geography & climate, shopping in local supermarkets and much more are covered in this fun to read guide of my piece of paradise. I have lived here for almost 10 years now and have no desire to move anywhere else. This comes from a woman who lived in every region of the US for a least a period of time. This is my home, where my heart and soul reside amongst the wonderful Mexican people and expats like myself.

About the Author:
Born in Middlesex, NJ, I have lived in every major region of the US. Now I have resided in Baja for the last 10 years. My two careers have been Geologic Drafting and Computer Technology. I write for the Baja Times newspaper with a wide audience as it is online as well as available locally. I have written for the Secretary of Tourism. I also have published on Each article is about the experience of living as a single woman in my beloved Baja.

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