Muy Amable: Golf Cabo San Lucas

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Categories: Mexico

one of the golf courses on propertyI was already slightly nervous about visiting Mexico when, within minutes of booking airline tickets, I got an email from Golf Digest's parent company with the message: "This trip has been assigned a High/Extreme Risk Rating." Unless I clicked a link affirming that I understood the dangers, my tickets would not be purchased.

I understand. Mexico has been the scene of some nasty violence lately. In a few cases, tourists have been targeted. But can it really be that bad if, as tourism authorities will tell you, more than 20 million foreign tourists visit Mexico annually?

If the week I spent in Los Cabos earlier this year was any indication, I'll take High/Extreme Risk anytime. I stayed at the Sheraton along the main highway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, playing five rounds and happily motoring my rental car among various tourist destinations.

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