What Day of the Dead Was Like in Mixquic

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~Altar de Muertos~Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico City this year, I was slightly at a loss of what to do. In Oaxaca, Day of the Dead takes over the streets and you can’t help but be swept into the spirit of it and find the celebration without the least bit of organizing. In Mexico City it is different. Life continues as normal and certainly where I stay there is little outward sign of the festival, bar the occasional Catrina (the famous upper class female skeleton figure) in a shop window. Day of the Dead is slightly more hidden around here.

After some research and asking around, I decided that Mixquic (pronounced Mis -keek) was the place to go, and with the new number 12 metro line, Linea Dorada, that reaches down to the far south of the urban sprawl, that is Mexico City having just opened, getting there was pretty simple. For anyone wishing to go next year, I suggest taking the Metro line 12 all the way to Tlahuac and from there, jumping on a bus that says Mixquic or taking a taxi.

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