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NEW! Mexpro Now Offers Travel Medical Evacuation Insurance

March 26, 2018 by

NEW! Mexpro Now Offers Travel... Mexpro now offers Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance from Travel MedEvac! Travel MedEvac Insurance provides medical air ambulance evacuation insurance from Mexico (and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America) to the facility of your choice in the US or Canada. Unlike other plans, our product is not a membership or assistance club, but an actual insurance... Read More »

Mexpro Celebrates 17 Years with Significant Coverage Upgrades!

October 24, 2016 by

Mexpro Celebrates 17 Years with... On October 27, 1999's parent company, International Insurance Group, Inc. was officially incorporated and thus began what is now 17 years of providing the best Mexico insurance coverage to over one-million customers throughout the US and Canada. And this year, to celebrate, we’ve substantially upgraded the coverage we offer our Mexico auto insurance customers.... Read More »

What to do if you Have a Claim in Mexico

May 24, 2016 by

What to do if you... Let the Mexpro Angels Answer your Questions Q: Hi I’m one of our Mexpro angels here to answer your question; do I call Mexpro if I have a claim? A: First and foremost, call the insurance company's claim number, it's listed right on your policy. Whatever you do don't leave Mexico without reporting the claim... Read More »

Help us Name the Mexpro Angels Videos Contest

April 19, 2016 by

Help us Name the Mexpro... Have you heard of the Mexpro Angels? The Mexpro Angels are the icons for Mexpro’s exceptional, knowledgeable and licensed insurance agents. Lucky for us, these ladies work for Mexpro, and they are bilingual to boot. It’s hard to beat them when it comes to purchasing a policy, getting your questions answered or needing help with... Read More »

Who are the Mexpro Angels?

April 15, 2016 by

Who are the Mexpro Angels?... Have you met the Mexpro Angels? Lately we have created various promotional material promoting our Mexpro Angels. Who are these lovely ladies, you ask? These are three of our bilingual customer service representatives that just so happen to be named "Angel". Not only are these ladies highly experienced, professional, educated and licensed Property and Casualty... Read More »

2015 AMIS Mexican Insurance Stats - What they Mean to You?

April 12, 2016 by

2015 AMIS Mexican Insurance Stats... Every quarter the Mexican Association of insurance Institutions or (Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros), called AMIS, releases a report on the state of the Mexican insurance industry. The objective of the AMIS is to study and provide statistics regarding the insurance industry in Mexico. Once a year Mexpro offers the yearly summary of the... Read More »

It’s Really that Easy!

February 12, 2016 by

It’s Really that Easy! Does it really take 10 minutes or less to purchase a Mexico Insurance policy with Mexpro? My answer is YES, and yours will be too, shortly! Recently I bought an online policy for a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Even though I’ve worked for Mexpro for eight years and tested the quote form more times... Read More »