Mexico Car Insurance Christmas Party!

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On Saturday, December 5, 2009 International Insurance Group and the Mexico Car Insurance Professionals enjoyed a Christmas celebration at the Pine Canyon Clubhouse in Flagstaff, Arizona, given by Jim and Andrea Labelle (President, Vice President, IIG). Mexico Car Insurance Professionals

The evening involved an entertaining white elephant gift exchange, karaoke, a wonderful dinner and awards ceremony where general manager, Nate Watson and president, Jim Labelle presented "Perfect Storm 2009" trophies.

2009 was a difficult year for International Insurance Group, whose main staple is Mexico Car Insurance. Watson explained how three major incidents hit our Mexico car insurance business hard this year. These included the U.S. recession, the swine flu that was originally discovered in Mexico, the Mexican drug wars and the fact that Passports became mandatory for Mexico travel on June 1, 2009.

IIG employees pitched-in to help the business by taking furloughs and benefit cuts so that everyone in the company could keep their job. Everyone at IIG worked diligently to get and improve business, and in the 4th quarter we began to see a break in the storm. This is why IIG management presented all employees the "perfect storm" awards, as they weathered it well.

Below are photos of the very generous party and quotes from IIG employees--

"I thought it was very generous to throw such a nice party in these economic difficult times, it shows that management thinks highly of its employees." Andrew Callihoo Mexico Car Insurance Professionals

"I never saw such a perfect performance of YMCA! Eat your hearts out Village People." Pam Basco

Mexico Insurance Professionals YMCA

"mmmm Prime Rib....!!!" Roxanna McDade

"Erin and Andrea were bustin' some moves!" Rachael Galiano

Erin and Andrea bustin moves

"Man, Jennifer has some PIPES!" Jim Labelle

Mexico Insurance Receptionist

"I love trophies!" George Howington

Mexico Car Insurance Perfect Storm

"Bonus!" Katie Waller (accountant)

"Who's the pimp?" Jennifer Singer

Mexico Car Insurance Perfect Storm

"Cheese cake, heck yeah!" Michael Mercer