Mexpro Celebrates 17 Years with Significant Coverage Upgrades!

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On October 27, 1999's parent company, International Insurance Group, Inc. was officially incorporated and thus began what is now 17 years of providing the best Mexico insurance coverage to over one-million customers throughout the US and Canada.

Mexpro LogoAnd this year, to celebrate, we’ve substantially upgraded the coverage we offer our Mexico auto insurance customers. Our enhancements over the years have set a precedent in the industry, and this latest combination of coverage upgrades is not available elsewhere in the market.

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GAP Coverage
Let’s say the amount you owe on your vehicle is higher than the Kelly Blue Book value. In the past, in the case of a total accident loss, the insurer would pay the Blue Book value and you would be responsible for the difference. GAP coverage is now available on our Mexico insurance policies and will pay up to 15% over the blue book value.

Labor Rates for US Repairs Up to $100/hour
When you choose to have a vehicle--involved in an accident in Mexico--repaired in the US, labor rates up to $100 US/hour are allowable per policy upgrades.

Liability Coverage Up to $500,000 CSL (Combined Single Limits)
Mexico's liability laws are evolving, more closely resembling those in the US, making higher limits of liability necessary.

Vandalism & Partial Theft Deductibles of $500
Not usually included on Mexico auto insurance policies, or offered with high deductibles, Mexpro now has optional vandalism and theft coverage with a deductible of $500!

ATV / UTV Coverage While in Use
In the past, coverage for All Terrain and Utility Vehicles has only been available while the ATV/UTV was in tow. Now street legal ATVs/UTVs can be covered while operated on established roadways.

Mexpro's top priorities include continuous improvements to our products and customer experience. The launch of these upgrades should make you feel even safer when you hit the road for winter travel.

Want to hear the interesting story of about how Mexpro came about, starting in a small basement in Flagstaff, Arizona? Check out our About Us page.


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