Mexpro Assist ATM Safe Robbery Benefit Helps Protect You From ATM Fraud in Mexico

January 20, 2011 by
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atmBy Andrea Julian

ATM machines around the world are increasingly becoming vulnerable to ATM fraud. One of the most common security issues that tourists face when visiting Mexico is ATM fraud. This is because travel with cash is necessary part of travel in Mexico since, depending on which city you are in, most places do not take credit cards. Most people these days travel with their ATM card and pull out money as they need to; necessitating many trips to the ATM. Mexpro Assist offers an ATM Safe Robbery benefit that protects you and your assets against ATM fraud and robbery while you are in Mexico. 

There are ways to avoid running into trouble when using an ATM machine in Mexico. One of the best ways is to avoid using unofficial ATM's or those that are not located in banks or inside grocery stores. Back ally ATM's should always be avoided. There is a common scam in Mexico where ATM machines will be altered, made to look real but instead of giving out money, these machines simply steal your card number. These machines will take a magnetic impression of your card while video recording you while you put in your PIN number. The information is relayed to the thieves who create an identical card to yours and use it to drain your account. Mexpro Assist can help you if you encounter a suspicious ATM situation.  If you think you may have been the victim of ATM fraud, you can simply contact a Mexpro Assist representative to make a report and seek advice.

Another situation you may encounter is to be robbed when taking money out of an ATM by opportunistic thieves. Avoiding this situation is not so simple, as you never know who may be a thief. However, using common sense, such as avoiding using the ATM at night and only using ones located in grocery stores or banks is a good way to keep your money safe and sound. However, if the worst case scenario does occur and you are robbed, having Mexpro Assist ATM Safe Robbery benefit will help you to get your money back as quickly as possible. Taking steps such as getting Mexpro Assist travel assistance will allow you to travel, secure in the knowledge that you will be protected in the event of an ATM theft.

In general, travel in Mexico is safe and there is a good chance you will not encounter any problems while traveling there. Still, ATM theft and fraud is growing around the world and it is a theft you will be vulnerable to if you are traveling with an ATM or credit card. The fact is that you never know what fate lies on the road ahead. Protecting yourself and your assets with a robust Mexican insurance policy that includes Mexpro Assist will allow you to relax and enjoy your vacation without worry, knowing that no matter what misadventures lay in the road ahead, you are protected.