Corrects Media Dramatizations Regarding Mexico Travel

August 9, 2012 by
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Recently our General Manager, Nate Watson, ran into this website. I could do it no justice in trying to explain their mission, so I've attached a portion of their "About Us" page to let you know what they are doing for Mexico. Please read on... is dedicated to correcting the media dramatizations regarding safe travel to Mexico, and correcting the inappropriateness of the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico. is comprised of highly respected business leaders, government representatives and valued individuals within the travel and tourism industry. We work collectively to inform citizens and governments on important matters related to travel and tourism between the United States and Mexico. We provide a factual and objective perspective in the best interest of travelers, US/Mexico relations and government policy.

Our mission is to reduce the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico to “Country Specific Information” and reword the warning language to be less broad and more fairly worded. The issuance of the “Travel Warning” is not appropriate under the United States Foreign Affairs Manual, which clearly supports reducing the warning to Country Specific Information. Additionally, rewording of the warning will help avoid the false impression that the entire Country of Mexico is impacted by isolated violence. As it is currently written, the Travel Warning’s broadness is equivalent to warning travelers not to travel to Miami because of the crime rate in New Orleans.

Mexico is comprised of warm people, a fascinating history, a hospitable culture, amazing beauty, and numerous friendly and SAFE vacation destinations. Most of which are safer than major U.S. cities!

Did you know that you are 17 times more likely to get struck by lightning or 15 times more likely to win an Academy Award than you are to have a negative experience while on travel to Mexico?

You can help! We encourage you to participate in one or more of the following here to see what they are...

Please by joining forces to demonstrate the inappropriateness of the U.S. Travel Warning against Mexico and the media sensationalism. This initiative will stimulate travel and tourism while simultaneously improving the economy for both the U.S. and Mexico. Click here to learn more.