Birds of Prey Migrations through Mexico

July 17, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico, Veracruz

Bird of PreyThe Mexican state of Veracruz, occupying a major chunk of Mexico’s Gulf of Mexico coastline, is one of the best places in the world to watch the migration of predatory birds (eagles, hawks, vultures, falcons, and kites) from North American to Central and South America. Each year four to six million birds take this journey between the months of September and November to avoid winter and find food in warmer climes.

Because most raptors are large creatures, other birds accompany them for protection including storks, white pelicans and anhingas. Watching the flocks of tens and sometimes hundreds of thousand birds fly overhead is one of the most spectacular sights one can see.

The predator birds travel by day and rest by night. They travel along the coastal plain—the flat, low-lying land adjacent to the coast.

The birds return to North America by the same route between March and April.

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