Current Mexico Vehicle Importation Permit FAQs & Information

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Going to Mexico, traveling outside the Free Zone? You'll need a Vehicle Import Permit. Below is some information translated from the Banjército website

Who can temporarily import a vehicle?

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

The procedure in Mexican Consulates costs $40 USD plus taxes. The payment should be made with international credit or debit cards with the importers name. The procedure via internet costs $48 USD plus taxes, shipping included.

How long does the permit last?

When leaving Mexico you have to visit the CIITEV module at the north border, in order to obtain your cancellation, register your return and to have a record of the days you used the permit. This will make your next visit easier. If you left a deposit don’t forget to ask for a refund with your original receipt.

Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?

Only these persons are allowed to drive the vehicle, if not, the vehicle will be seized and a sanction will be applied.

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