Mexico Vacation FUN FACTS!

April 5, 2011 by
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Here are some Mexico Fun Facts. We hope that you find these facts amusing, surprising,  and entertaining. And, if you also find them educational, we’ll be very happy!

- The Mexican flag has 3 stripes: green, red, and white. What do they stand for? Well, the green is for hope, the white is for purity and the red is for the blood of the Mexican people

- Mexico City is officially the oldest city in all of North America.

- Mexico gets the credit for introducing chocolate to Europe and Asia! There would be no chocolate bunny without Mexico and no chocolate seduction. Thanks, Mexico!

- Mexico uses a currency called the ‘peso.’ It gets its name from Spain and their money. But, they are different recognized currencies. In fact, many countries use money called the peso.

- The largest bullfighting ring in the world is not in Spain; it’s in Mexico!

- Mexico is home to the oldest living tree in the world.

- Almost 100% of Mexican know how to read. That is WAY better than America’s literacy rate.

- Mexicans came up with the name for the tomato.

- Anthony Quinn was the first Mexican actor to win an Oscar

- Mexico City is not only the oldest city in North America, it’s also the most populated! The population of Mexico City is only a few million less than the entire population of Canada!

- The famous painter Frida was from Mexico