Mexico trip spans from ecotourism to tequila

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Gloria Guevara, 44, is Mexico’s Minister of Tourism. The graduate of Northwestern University and Mexico City’s Universidad Anahuac was formerly an executive with Sabre, the travel technology corporation.

Q: What parts of Mexico would you recommend for active vacationers?

There are many states for mountain lovers, depending on how much time you have. They include San Luis Potosi or northern Hidalgo.

There are several states that specialize in eco tourism. One of my favorites is Chiapas, which also has options for adventure travelers. The same goes for Veracruz for water activities.

Mexico has many opportunities to interact with nature. Like butterflies? Ones from Canada and the United States arrive in Mexico to the same spot, between Michoacán and the state of Mexico. You can get close to millions of them.

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