Mexico Tourist Insurance for Motorhomes

Taking Motorhomes to Mexico

Each year, thousands or tourists, vacationers, ex-pats, "snowbirds" and other visitors drive their motorhomes into Mexico. Securing proper insurance for your motorhome is very important step you'll need to complete before crossing the Mexican border. Seeking out an "A rated" Mexican insurance carrier is a good thing to do, as they are not only more financially stable than the lesser rated or unrated companies, but they are also typically the most reputable and reliable insurance providers available.

Comparing Coverage and Options

Quite often when I have discussions with people about Mexico tourist insurance coverage, it tends to become a simple comparison of how the Mexico tourist policy stacks up against a U.S. or a Canadian policy.

Below, I have listed some of the most common coverage and option items that people tend to seek for motorhomes, and how some of those items will differ on a Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance policy.

Third Party Liability

Liability coverage for vehicles in Mexico is very similar to what you can get in the U.S. or Canada. The insured individual (first party), purchases a policy from the insurer (second party), for protection against claims brought by others (third party).

When you purchase a Mexican tourist Recreational Vehicle policy, you get to select your limit for Mexican third party bodily injury/property damage liability coverage. A limit of no less than $300,000.00 is highly recommended, and a $500,000.00 limit is an even better idea due to big changes in the liability laws that took place in 2013.

Liability coverage, from a licensed Mexican insurance company, is required for all tourist vehicles entering into in Mexico.

Physical Damage

Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance policies do not automatically include Physical Damage coverage, but instead offer it as an option that can usually be purchased for an additional premium. In Mexico, Physical Damage will sometimes apply to things that would normally be considered as other-than-collision or comprehensive losses on a U.S. or Canadian policy. For example, losses from fire, lightning, and other acts of nature are typically considered as physical property damage in Mexico.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Not all Mexico tourist RV insurance policies will offer an option for Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Bodily Injury coverage. The Mexican medical expense coverage would still provide some protection for the expenses of bodily injuries suffered by the insured and the occupants of the insured vehicle. However, in some instances the available limits of coverage may not be sufficient.

Purchasing a separate Travel Medical Insurance policy, is a good way ensure sufficient coverage is available.

Some Mexico recreational vehicle insurance policies will offer, for an additional premium, an uninsured motorist deductible waiver. This provides physical damage coverage when the insured vehicle is involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle, and the uninsured motorist is found to be at fault by the legal authorities.

Medical Expenses

The medical expense coverage for the insured, and the occupants of the insured vehicle, will also only apply to those bodily injuries that happen while riding in the vehicle, and not while it is parked. If you do not already have active medical insurance for you and your travel companions, that would extend coverage into Mexico, you should probably consider purchasing a separate travel medical insurance policy, for non-vehicular accidents and unforeseen illnesses, to provide coverage during your stay.

Personal Property Coverage

Unfortunately, the majority of Mexican tourist Recreational Vehicle insurance policies do not include any coverage for any household items or personal belongings. If you are also a home owner, however, your home owners insurance policy will almost always provide some coverage for personal property anywhere in the world.

Contact the agent that handles your homeowners insurance to discuss what your specific policy will do for you. Otherwise, be sure to always secure your belongings and try to keep your valuables with you, locked up, or at the very least out of sight.

Emergency Vacation Expense

For U.S. recreational vehicle insurance policies, Emergency Vacation Expense is the coverage item that we normally seek to provide coverage for lodging expenses, in case of a loss or a breakdown.

Unfortunately, you likely will not find this coverage as an option when looking at a Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance policy. However, travel assistance coverage, which is sometimes automatically included with the tourist insurance, or that may be added as an option for a small premium, can provide some coverage for hotel expenses that are due to collisions, breakdowns or thefts in Mexico.

Vacation Liability

Most Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance policies will have no provision for the vacation liability that we typically see offered with nearly every U.S. recreational vehicle insurance policy. Vacation liability coverage is what would normally be relied upon to provide coverage inside and around the motorhome while it is parked and being used as a vacation residence.

Settlement Options

A very commonly sought after option, especially for newer recreational vehicles, is the replacement cost settlement. It can replace an insured motorhome with a brand new one if there is a total loss.

Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance policies typically only offer Actual Cash Value settlements. This means that the limit the insurer will pay for any loss is based on the current market value or average retail for the vehicle. To determine the current value for a motorhome, you can visit the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) guides webpage at:

Making Informed Decisions About Mexico Coverage

There are some obvious differences between the motorhome insurance coverage that we are used to in the U.S. and Canada, versus the Mexico tourist recreational vehicle insurance coverage that is available. Hopefully with this information you can make a better, more well informed decision about the coverage you purchase as you plan your motorhome adventure in Mexico.

If you have other questions about coverage for your motorhome in Mexico, you can call the Mexico Insurance Professionals at 855-Mexpro1 (855-639-7761) to speak with a qualified agent. Or, you can visit the following webpage for more information, to get comparative insurance quotes, or to easily purchase a policy online: