Mexico, Safety And Other Questions Of Travel

May 2, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico

The news this past week has been fraught with questions about travel and safety. Rick Santorum took a pot shot, implying that President Obama is an irresponsible parent for allowing his daughter to travel to Mexico (with 25 security guards and her school) in light of the State Department warning on U.S. travel to Mexico.

Travel blogs are ablaze with words of love and devotion to Mexico. Just read Lonely Planet, Peter Greenberg and Jennifer Rose to hear the words of diehard fans.

If you study the State Department maps, you will see that the majority of warnings are, for the most part, in border towns like Ciudad de Juarez and Tijuana where the transportation of drugs into the US is causing terrible violence. Yes, there are trouble spots like Acapulco, Cuernavaca and Monterrey, but incidents rarely involve Americans.

Full disclosure: I love Mexico. Mexico taught me how to relax, how to kick back, how to say 'manana' and 'de nada.' The warm-hearted people (warm-hearted, yes but also not beyond hustling tourists) also taught me about kindness, eating, cooking, and in some interesting ways, family and love.

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