Baja's Wine Museum and Wine Route Celebrated

August 14, 2012 by
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Grape harvest [1]Baja California Vine and Wine Museum

During this year's Fiestas de la Vendimia, Baja's annual grape harvest celebration, President Felipe Calderón inaugurated the Baja California Vine and Wine Museum. According to the Mexican President the museum will also operate as convention center with the hopes that it will spur greater economic and cultural activity in the Ensenada-Valle de Guadalupe region. The $5.3 million museum is located between Tecate and Enseñada on Mexican Highway 3, at the 81-kilometer marker.* Calderón stated he hopes that both International and Mexican tourists will discover the wine-making traditions of the region, a great source of pride for the Mexican people.

Tecate-El Sauzal Wine Route Highway Upgrades

While touring the Mexican Baja state President Calderón also inaugurated three stretches of the newly upgraded Tecate-El Sauzal highway, which passes through the Valle de Guadalupe wine region. The highways has been widened by 12 meters (39 feet). In addition two broad lanes and an emergency lane have been added to take one hour off the drive time and allow easier and safer travel, which might improve tourism. In addition, these measures were taken to make it easier for winer producers to transport their wines for sale, providing more opportunities for growth and prosperity. Mexico's investment in the highway totaled nearly 540 million pesos.

* Excerpted from the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Calderón Christens Baja Wine Museum,” Aug. 4, 2012, pg. B5 and Mexico Premiere