Mexico City Water: Harvesting Water from the Sky

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RainMexico City water -- Faced with chronic water shortages, many residents of Mexico City aren’t waiting for the city government to fix things. They’re turning to the sky. Ari Daniel Shapiro reports on the growing practice of rainwater harvesting.

The Ajusco district at the southern edge of Mexico City is part of Mexico’s surging capital, but you would never know it. It is almost rural. Aside from the occasional car or motorbike on a dirt road, the only sound is a radio playing somewhere in the neighborhood.

And there is another, less obvious sign of Ajusco’s isolation from the rest of the metropolis. Most homes here have at best only intermittent access to the city water system.

Eusebia Santa Ana Gutierrez says in Spanish that for most of the time she has lived here, she has worried about water. Service has been erratic, she says, and she has never had enough. Sometimes it has gotten so bad, she has had to visit friends or family in the city center to wash her clothes or take a shower.

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