Mexico Auto Insurance Guide

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Mexico's amicable trade relations with its neighbors and its abundance of beaches, historic districts, and other tourist sites make it an ideal place to visit, whether for business or pleasure. But if you plan to go to Mexico by car, it is vital for you to have Mexico auto insurance. It doesn't matter if you carry substantial liability coverage in the United States or Canada. That doesn't count for anything in Mexico. When you are in Mexico, you should always have liability coverage from Mexican insurers.

Mexican law requires you to have at least Civil Liability Insurance, which will cover you in the event that you are involved in an accident and injure other people, whether motorists or pedestrians, or if you cause damage to property. And new travelers to Mexico should take note of how seriously the law regards the issue of traffic accidents and auto insurance. If accidents as minor as fender-benders are regarded with utmost severity, then you can probably imagine how bad it would be to become involved in accident resulting in personal injuries, especially if you are the at-fault driver and you don't have Mexico auto insurance.

Even if you are not the at-fault driver in an accident, you can expect to be detained in a Mexican jail while the authorities flesh out the details of the incident and decide who is to blame for it. And if you were the one at fault, you'll still spend some time in jail while the police determine if you are financially capable of paying for any damage you may have caused (and if you're not, you may face criminal charges). That's not something you want to remember from a vacation to Mexico!

That's why it is vital to get Mexican auto insurance if Mexico is in your automobile travel itinerary. Short-term and long-term coverage is very affordable: a typical rate would be $30 for three days of Mexican liability coverage. And you can purchase Mexican auto insurance in the United States or in areas in the American-Mexican border.

You should always include Mexico auto insurance if you plan to visit Mexico by car, whether you decide to stay there a few days or a few months. Being prepared for an accident, whether it happens or not, is a wise investment and it will most likely enable you bring you a piece of mind and to enjoy your visit to Mexico even more.