Mexico and RV Insurance - What RVers Need to Know

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(PRWEB) July 10, 2012 - Hundreds of thousands of Americans will drive their RV's and Travel Trailers to Mexico this winter season. While temperatures across the US and Canada indicate that snowbirds are still comfortable in their northern habitats, the thoughts of many over the next month or two will turn towards warmer destinations. There are many preparations are to be made prior to beginning the snowbird trek.

From winterizing primary residences, to purchasing insurance, making travel plans, forwarding mail, is is the late summer season that Snowbirds begin planning for the winter trip. Many will pack the RV, and head to their favorite campground, and others will go further still and visit the beautiful beaches of Mexico. Tourism in Mexico is up over the last year or so, and many winter visitors will go to stay in their Mexico homes or condos, and even more will take their RVs down and park them along the beautiful beaches of Sonora, Jalilsco, Baja, the Yucatan, and other amazing places.

A quick look at the cost of RV insurance in Mexico can be eye opening. It is often double the cost one pays for an entire year here in the United States. Consequently, many in the past have flocked to RV clubs that have partnered with Mexican insurers to get group rates to drive down the cost. However, according to Derek Kartchner, Vice President of Business development for International Insurance Group, there are much better ways of getting RV insurance for Mexico. “RVers can actually get much better coverage and a much cheaper price by purchasing RV insurance from a Specialty RV insurance carrier int he USA, which provides a Mexico Physical Damage Endorsement, and coupling it with a Liability policy from a Mexican Carrier.” The total cost of the endorsement is between $5 and $30 per year on a US policy depending on the carrier, and the cost of a Liability only policy can runs around $150, depending on the amount of liability selected.

The US companies offering this coverage are well known in the industry, and include companies like Progressive, Blue Sky Insurance, National Interstate Insurance, and GMAC (in some states). The key said Kartchner, “is to work with an RV insurance specialist. There are a number of insurance agencies and companies that know the ins and outs of RV insurance in the states and in Mexico, and help you literally get better coverage at a much better price.” Kartchner smiled and claimed, “that’s not just marketing speak!”

With snowbird season on the horizon, snowbirds are encouraged to visit our website which further details both Mexico and USA RV Insurance coverage. Quotes from a number of carriers are available online or call 888-467-4639.