10 Fun Things You Might Not Know About Mexico

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Mexico Surprises: 10 Fun Things You Might Not Know When you think of Mexico, what comes to mind? For most, it likely revolves around tequila, tacos and beach resorts. But Mexico contains a wealth of culture, history and nature that most never discover. Read on for 10 fun facts you might not know about Mexico…. Read more »

Pope Francis Making Waves in Mexico

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Yesterday, just one day after Pope Francis’ arrival in Mexico City, he challenged Mexican political and social leaders to take care of its citizens through “adequate housing, dignified employment, food, true justice, effective security, a healthy and peaceful environment.” Making good on a pre-visit promise to speak out against corruption and crime in Mexico, he… Read more »

Fiestas del Sol Mexicali Fair

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Mexicali’s 2014 Fiestas del Sol Fair The fair is coming to Mexicali Fiestas del Sol, the annual fair event held in Mexicali, will be happening 26 September through 12 October, 2014. The fair will have carnival rides, go carts, midway games, a petting zoo, arcade games, and rest areas where you can take a break… Read more »