Mexican Silver in Ixtapan de la Sal

May 24, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico

mexico silverMany guests shop in between the activities at Ixtapan Spa. We suggest you bring single dollar bills for small items, along with credit cards for pricier items. Credit cards are accepted at larger shops, but many merchants add a currency surcharge. This is a common practice and one usually,not negotiable. However if you pay cash (bills not larger than $20), prices might be more flexible.

Tip for shopping: —Silver has to be marked and Mexican silver might say 925. If you are buying vintage or a famous jeweler’s item, be sure you know what you are getting. There are many sites on the internet with detailed information on identifying fine Mexican silver but most of us would not be able to follow the detailed instructions spontaneously. Ebay offers a fairly simple guide to buying Mexican silver and the photo is from that guide.

If you are not an expert, buy what you like!