Mexican Posadas and a Famous Christmas Carol

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Cathedral, MoreliaDid you ever go Christmas caroling, wrapped up against the cold, on a snowy night? Bring back memories of red, runny noses and your warm breath making clouds in front of your face? There usually was a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you somewhere along the way.

Children have their nine days of Mexican posadas before Christmas. Two are chosen to dress up like Joseph and Mary and lead the other neighborhood children from house to house singing a request for a place to rest. There are singers inside the houses they pass who are programmed to sing a refusal of lodging. Finally, they arrive at a house where they are received and refreshments are served. Usually, there are several piñatas filled with wrapped candies and small toys. The kids, one by one, are blind-folded, given a strong stick and allowed their turn at whacking the piñata until it breaks and the toys and candy spill out.

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