Mexpro Now Offers $2 Million Limits on Mexico Homeowners Insurance

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Insure your home in Mexico for up to $2 Million! November 6, 2018, Flagstaff, Arizona: Beginning today you can insure your Mexican home for up to $2 Million with, the Mexico Insurance Professionals. In the past, American and Canadian homeowners with home values higher than $1 million could not insure their homes with the… Read more »

Pope Francis Making Waves in Mexico

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Yesterday, just one day after Pope Francis’ arrival in Mexico City, he challenged Mexican political and social leaders to take care of its citizens through “adequate housing, dignified employment, food, true justice, effective security, a healthy and peaceful environment.” Making good on a pre-visit promise to speak out against corruption and crime in Mexico, he… Read more »

Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology: A Must-See for a Mexico City Visit

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Photo © Al Barrus

My knowledge of anthropology and ethnography are very limited. I studied just a bit of those subjects in college, but I’ve always been fascinated by the subject, and I enjoy watching documentaries for laymen on networks such as The Discovery Channel, The History Channel and PBS. My visit to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in… Read more »

Teotihuacan: Mexico’s Holy Ground

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Mexico’s Holy Ground © Al Barrus

“Tread lightly Al, you’re on hallowed ground” was the genre of comments left by my friends and family after I updated my Facebook status, stating I was in Teotihuacan. The smiling faces of my wife and I, wrapped in our rain coats and hooded sweatshirts on a particularly chilly day–for what I expected to be… Read more »