The Benefits of Long Term Mexican Auto Insurance

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Driving in Chiapas

Many people drive to Mexico expecting to spend a few months exploring the many beautiful destinations within the wide and expansive country. However, more than a few find themselves staying much longer than anticipated. The lure of cheap living expenses, exotic surroundings, and friendly people is hard to resist and many seek permanent or at least semi-permanent housing in order to spend a season or two. If you drove down with your car, living full or part time in Mexico can become just a bit more complicated. Long-term Mexican Auto Insurance can help make it easier. There are few points to consider when bringing a car with foreign plates on a long-term stay in Mexico.

1.    The Mexican Visa Permit for Your Vehicle. When you cross into Mexico, beyond what is called the “Free Zone” which extends 100 miles from the Mexico/U.S. Border and including all of Baja, you will be issued a six-month visa for which your car is legally allowed to stay in Mexico. If you want to stay longer than six months, you will need to renew your visa at the border. You will need to pay a fee and also show proof of insurance in order to get your renewal, as well. If your insurance is current and long-term you won't have to worry about renewing your expired insurance papers, easing the hassle of a trip to the border every six months.

2.    Damage to Your Vehicle While You are in Mexico.  If you incur any damage to your car while in Mexico, you will most likely want to have it fixed right away. Long-term residents often drive to Mexico, park their vehicles, and forget about them, getting around mostly by foot or bus. However, damage can occur not only from accidents but also from foul weather or from damage incurred while parked on the street. Not every town in Mexico has what would be considered a reputable mechanic. Having your car insured with will ensure that you are able to take your car to the best mechanic around, even if it’s in a town 10 hours away. Or, choose to have your car fixed back home. Having long-term insurance on your vehicle while it is in Mexico is the best way to protect your wallet in the event of unforeseen damage to your vehicle.

3.    It is Less Expensive to Purchase a Six-Month or Annual Policy, as opposed to multiple short-term policies.

If you find yourself visiting Mexico often, or are a part-time resident, having a six-month or annual Mexican auto insurance for your car will bring not only a robust set of coverage benefits but also peace of mind. Should anything happen to your car while in Mexico, simply call your claims number and help will be on its way. No need to spend time frustrating yourself dealing with mechanics and bureaucratic loopholes. Contact a agent and find out how much money you can save with a long-term Mexican auto insurance that will protect your car wherever you roam in Mexico.