Wanderlust: Graham Mackintosh Starts Next Baja Journey

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Categories: Mexico

Aztec warrior costumeWanderlust is tugging once again at Graham Mackintosh, and that can mean only one thing for the legendary Baja adventurer – a return to the mysterious and magical Mexican peninsula that captured his heart and soul 30 years ago.

Next week, San Diego’s Mackintosh, the man who walked Baja’s entire 3,000-mile coastline on a whim as a 31-year-old, returns to Baja for another two-year or so journey. The award-winning adventure writer plans to explore the coast, desert and islands and revisit people and scenes that inspired him to write four very successful adventure books – “Into a Desert Place,” “Journey With a Baja Burro,” “Marooned . . . With Very Little Beer” and “Nearer My Dog To Thee.”

“I feel like a fish out of water when I’m not in Baja,” Mackintosh said at a recent breakfast meeting. “I just love that place. It is so beautiful. And it’s so full of adventure and wonderful people.

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