Note to Mexpro customers regarding the Joint U.S./Mexico Travel Initiative

March 25, 2020 by
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Mexpro’s customer demographics are highly varied...from those who travel to Mexico for vacations and recreation, to those who live part time or full time in Mexico, to those who cross the border on a very frequent basis for business, jobs, medical needs, and to attend to urgent family matters. We share your concerns and anxieties regarding the impacts of COVID-19.

On March 20, 2020 the U.S. and Mexico released the U.S./Mexico Joint Travel Initiative that seeks to limit non-essential travel between the countries via land ports of entry. Since then the border closure to "non-essential travel" has been extended every month, and has now been extended once again to September 21, 2021. Use the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Mexico fact sheet to stay up to date on travel restrictions.

What does this mean for you? We’ve put together Questions & Answers below to help you understand the facts on how crossborder travel is impacted.

FAQs – How the Joint U.S./Mexico Travel Initiative Impacts You

Mexico Tijuana Border

For what reasons can I travel to Mexico now that the initiative is in place?

Land travel to Mexico or Canada for tourism, shopping, or recreation is not permitted per The Initiative. The U.S. government intends to temporarily stop any new crossborder tourism traffic. The definition of Non-Essential travel includes "travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature." Mexico is not enforcing this restriction.

Travel for other purposes, such as obtaining medical care, attending business meetings, commuting crossborder to and from jobs in the U.S. or Mexico, assisting with urgent family matters, and traveling for educational purposes, is not excluded by the initiative, meaning travel is permitted in these instances.

If I am a U.S. Citizen, Green Card Holder, or hold a U.S. Work Visa will I be processed as normal upon entry to the U.S.?

Yes. If you:

  1. Are a U.S. Citizen
  2. Are a Green Card Holder
  3. Or, Have a U.S. Work Visa

you will be permitted entry into to the U.S. from Mexico, and you will be processed as you normally would.

If I am a Mexican Citizen with a Tourist Visa, but not a Green Card, will I be processed as normal upon entry to the U.S.?

No. You may be denied entry into the U.S. if you only have a U.S. Tourist Visa, depending upon the purpose of your visit to the U.S. (Exceptions include those with a Green Card or Work Visa.).

How long will the initiative last?

The border initiative limiting land travel for the purposes of tourism and recreation has been extended to September 21, 2021 unless lifted sooner or modified. Please keep abreast of the State Department website links below, and local border news sources for any changes or modifications to the initiative. Read our blog article on how it is being enforced in practice.

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