It's Easy to Love Mexico's Riviera Maya Golf

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Golf Courses Area with Tropical ViewRiviera Maya golf -- There are plenty of warm, sunny, sandy places to play golf. But there is only one Riviera Maya -- and it is among the top vacation destinations in the world.

This 80-mile stretch of coastline on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, beginning just south of Cancun and stretching south to Tulum -- the only Mayan city built on the coast -- is jam packed with things to see and do.

You fly into Cancun, which is easy, but the region does not include Cancun, which is significant, since the Riviera Maya is a world apart from the crass, Spring Break atmosphere and characterless development of the city's aptly named "Hotel Zone."

This difference is profound, and compared to Cancun, the Riviera Maya's main city, Playa del Carmen, is a charming small town -- 20 years ago it still had dirt streets and nary a spotlight.

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