Is the Mayan Calendar Used by Modern Maya Today?

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Categories: Mexico

Sweet ancient Mayan vendor waiting for tourist to pass near herAlthough Cancun's hotel zone sparkles like a shiny new bauble on a Christmas tree and Merida teams with the intensity and bustle of any modern metropolis, travel less than 50 miles from either of these cities on the Yucatan Peninsula and you will find yourself in a world far removed from the present. You will be catapulted from the stronghold of the now modern Maya onto the threshold of the descendants of the ancient Maya, where backroads show no evidence of wealth or the conveniences of modern life.

With a hearty "yes," the Maya still use their ancient Mayan calendar system. Not all Maya, of course, but in many pueblos not far from Merida or Cancun, daykeepers (those who keep track of the calendars) chart out lives and futures for the dwellers of these modest villages. Communities in Veracruz, Oaxaca, and Chiapas, Mexico, are also known to still keep the ancient calendar.

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