Hydration Tips for Travelers and What to Know About H20

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Water assault!!You know that 3 o’clock ‘afternoon’ hour when you are dragging and all you want to do is close your eyes? Rather than reaching for the convenient caffeinated soda or that 5-hour energy drink, instead get up, shake it out and get yourself some water!

Tim Kinlen, NASM Certified Personal Trainer says most people get tired around 2 or 3pm in the afternoon and feel their energy level get low.

“The main reason for this mid-afternoon slump is that they are dehydrated. By drinking water throughout the morning and afternoon, it will keep you awake and more focused,” says Kinlen. “Try drinking 96 ounces daily with half of that before 2pm.”

When traveling, our chances of dehydrating are even greater. Although as exciting as it is, traveling is one of the most taxing activities on our bodies from altitude, stress and jet lag, to swollen muscles and joints and dehydration.

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