Hurricane Preparation Tips for Homeowners

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Tropical Storm Karl, Hurricanes Igor and's PRWEB press release this week highlighted the fact that Hurricane season is now under way and there's already been several big storms on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Mexico. offered tips for homeowners on Mexico's coast for preparing for upcoming storms.

1. Get Mexico homeowner's insurance and be sure it covers hurricane damage if you are located in a hurricane zone. pointed out that many Mexico insurers are not A-Rated by A.M. Best, meaning they may not survive a large, damaging hurricane where thousands of claims are made by residents of the area. Check your company's A.M. Best rating.

Mexican Car InsuranceMany Mexico homeowners insurance plans do not cover hurricane damage. Check that you are covered and if not get hurricane coverage.

Mexpro offers homeowners policies with U.S.-style coverage forms which means our home insurance for Mexico is written like a U.S. policy. They include hurricane coverage and are available with fixed deductibles and low co-payments. Mexpro currently has no moratorium on new policies, so it's a good time to get your home properly insured, before any big storms hit.

2. Protect your personal belongings. Store personal and valuable belongings in a safe place. If you have renters, or your home is vacant in Mexico during this season, be sure to get a neighbor or renter to store important items.

3. Keep up to date on current weather patterns and keep your home owner's insurance policy where you can easily get it in the event of an emergency.

4. Make sure you board up your windows if a hurricane is eminent. Window boards should be thick and securely nailed into windows.

Use these tips and call the Mexico insurance professionals at 888.467.4639 if you have any questions or concerns about your policy.