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Hurricane Odile Update

Home Insurance MexicoAs with any hurricane, different models will show different land fall, different paths, and different estimates on the damage and destruction the hurricane will bring. Unfortunately, we only get a clear picture as the storm passes and we are left with the remnants.

Hurricane Odile is no different. We know that Odile has hit Cabo San Lucas and has caused damage along the tip of Baja. It is expected that this storm will continue to bring torrential rains to a swath of Mexico, including Baja California Sur, Baja California, parts of Sinaloa, Sonora, and other states over the next several days. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those that are in the storm's path--that they may be safe. As for the property damage that will occur, that is why we buy insurance.

We at are working with ACE Seguros, our homeowners provider, to ensure they are ready, and will have extra adjusters on hand to handle the increased number of claims that will assuredly occur.

We know that you are probably concerned, as such below are the phone numbers and instructions to follow if you need to report a claim.

If you don't have a homeowner's policy, this email may still apply to you, at the bottom of this email is information regarding auto claims.  

One final thought, if you are unsure if you have sustained damage to your home, please verify that there is damage first. The company will ask the nature of the damage, and you will be asked to provide descriptions. If you do have a claim, please call the company (in this case ACE). We are here to assist you if needed, but the claim must be reported to the insurance company, you must work with them to complete the process, and ultimately they will cut your check.

You can find more information on the hurricane at If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at 877-607-2346, and stay tuned for further information.

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If you have any questions about Mexico Insurance, please contact us today at 877-607-2346.

The Team is not only provides competitive prices, but also offers quality coverage from A-Rated insurers.

Call us now at: 877-607-2346!

Call this number for CLAIMS provided by ACE Seguros:
From Mexico - 800 362 7288
From USA – 866-573-5677

In the event of a claim you or another insured will need to perform the following duties (If Applicable). We have no duty to provide coverage under this policy if your failure to comply with the following is detrimental to us. You will need to help us by seeing that these duties are performed:

  1. Call the 800 362 7288 number from within Mexico or the 866-573-5677 number from the US. You will be asked to provide:
    1. Policy number
    2. Name of the insured(s)
    3. Nature of the Loss
    4. Place and address where the loss occurred
  2. Give written notice to us or our agent as soon as is practical, which sets forth:
    1. The identity of the policy and the "named insured" shown in the Declarations;
    2. Reasonable available information on the time, place and circumstances of the "occurrence" or claim; and
    3. Names and addresses of any claimants and witnesses;
  3. Cooperate with us in the investigation, settlement or defense of any claim or suit;
  4. Promptly forward to us every notice, demand, summons or other process relating to the "occurrence" or claim;
  5. At our request, help us:
    1. To make settlement;
    2. To enforce any right or contribution or indemnity against any person or organization who may be liable to an "insured";
    3. With the conduct of suits and attend hearings and trials; and
    4. To secure and give evidence and obtain the attendance of witnesses;
  6. With respect to Damage to Property Of Others under Section II, you will need to submit to us within 60 days after the loss, a sworn statement of loss and show the damaged property, if in an "insured's" control;
  7. No "insured" shall, except at such "insured's" own cost, voluntarily make payment, assume obligation or incur expense other than for first aid to others at the time of the "bodily injury".

    For claims regarding Medical Payments to others you or another insured will need to perform the following:

    1. The injured person or someone acting for the injured person will:
      1. Call the 800 362 7288 number from within Mexico
      2. Give us written proof of claim, under oath if required, as soon as is practical; and
      3. Authorize us to obtain copies of medical reports and records
    2. The injured person will submit to a physical exam by a doctor of our choice when and as often as we reasonably require.

Thank you for choosing ACE Seguros

We are committed to providing you with the best service possible.

Upon your return to the US and after the claim has been reported to the company, you can get the status of your claim by calling:

Toll free from the US: 866-573-5677

Toll free from Mexico: 800 362 7288

Auto Claims

When we think of hurricanes the first thing to comes to mind is property damage of homes and other buildings. However, if you have seen any pictures of the aftermath of a hurricane, including Odile, you will see that there will always be a few cars that have been tossed around as if they were toys.

If you have any vehicles that were affected by this storm you will need to file a claim as soon as possible, and with any claim, you will certainly need to do so before you leave Mexico. Below are the claims instructions for each of the carriers we represent. Please follow these instructions to report any auto claim that may have occurred.

If you have any questions, please let us know at 1-877-607-2346.