Hurricane Odile Mexico Homeowners Insurance

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Filing Your Hurricane Odile Insurance Claim

Hurricane Odile’s Devastation

It has been over a week since the devastating 125 mile per hour winds of Hurricane Odile slammed into the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. A number of Baja California Sur’s communities are still struggling to restore many basic services, such as water and electricity. The category 3 Hurricane was the strongest storm to hit the southern Baja peninsula, since Hurricane Olivia hit the area, back in 1967. However, this time around costs to repair the damages are estimated to be nearly a billion dollars.

Mexico Homeowners Insurance Policy Packet

Printing out a paper copyIf you purchased your GNP Mexico Home/Condo Insurance policy through the Mexico Insurance Professionals, you will have received a policy packet (usually sent via email at the time of purchase) that includes the following: a purchase receipt for your coverage; your policy’s declarations of insurance; any applicable endorsements; and your claims instructions. The policy packet contains important details about your coverage, as well as the instructions that you will need to follow in order to file your claim. When meeting with the insurance company or their claims adjustors, you will need to have a printed paper copy of your policy.

Policy Declarations

The policy declarations document is your official certificate of insurance. It shows the important details regarding your policy’s coverage, loss settlement options, insured perils, applicable endorsements, deductible amounts, co-payment amounts, and insured amounts. The declarations page will indicate whether coverage for catastrophic perils, such as hurricane, wind, flood and tidal wave, were purchased with the policy, or not. The policy declarations also lists specific information about “who” is covered by the policy (the named insured), “what” is being covered (the risk description), “where” the coverage applies (the insured location), and “when” the policy coverage starts and ends (the effective and expiration dates). During claims procedures, you’ll be asked to provide specific information directly from your policy’s declarations.

Claims Instructions

Your insurance agent does not have any authority to adjust your claim, so it is important that you contact the insurance company directly to handle your claim. To file a claim, you will want to refer to your policy’s claims instructions, found in your policy packet. There are two toll free claims telephone phone numbers listed in your claims instructions; one to use if you are calling from within Mexico (800-362-7288), and another to use, if you are calling from the U.S. (866-573-5677). When you call to report your claim, you’ll need to be prepared to provide the following:

In addition to making the phone call, you will also need to provide a written statement that includes any available information about the time and location, along with details and circumstances of the loss. Additionally, the written notice needs to contain the names of anyone who witnessed the loss, as well as the names of any additional claimants.

Duties After a Loss

In addition to the Policy Declarations and Claims Instructions, found in your policy packet, you also need to refer to some important information found in your GNP Mexico Homeowners Insurance Terms and Conditions. Under the section regarding Property Conditions, you will find a list of “Duties After Loss,” which lists some important steps that the insured must complete. The insured’s duties after a loss typically include: giving prompt notice of the loss to the insurer; notifying the police and filing a report with the Ministerio Público, when a theft has occurred; making reasonable repairs to protect property from further damage; creating an inventory of all damaged personal property, including invoices and receipts; showing the damaged property when asked to do so; cooperating with the insurer throughout claims investigations; providing copies, of your loss documentation and records, to the insurer; and completing an examination, under oath, regarding the loss.

Statement of Loss

Within 60 days, you will also need to submit a signed, sworn proof of loss to the insurer. A statement of loss usually needs to include the following information: the time that the loss occurred; the cause of the loss; a list of everyone that has interests in the property affected by the loss; a list of all liens against the damaged property; information about any other insurance that may cover the loss; any title or occupancy changes for the property during the policy’s term; specifications of damaged structures along with detailed estimates for repairs; an inventory of the damaged personal property; receipts for additional living expenses; and records to support fair rental value for any loss of rents.

Some Tips For Filing Your Claim

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to print out an actual paper copy of your policy packet. Review your claims instructions, and when you call to file your claim, have your policy packet in hand. Be prepared to provide the claims representative with information from your policy’s declarations page, along with the details of the loss. Also, review the policy’s terms and conditions to learn about your specific duties that after a loss. Don’t throw away any damaged property that you wish to claim, because you will likely need to show it to the adjustors. Throughout the claims process, it is important that you follow the claims instructions, complete your insured duties after the loss, and work directly with the insurer, Grupo Nacional Provincial, and with their claims adjuster service, to get your claim resolved as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about your Grupo Nacional Provincial Mexico Homeowners Insurance policy, or your coverage, please contact us.