How to Explore the Ancient Ruins of Mexico

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Categories: History, Mayans, Mexico

Mexico-2669 - PalenqueMexico’s ancient civilisations were the most sophisticated and formidable in North and Central America, and the ruins of their cities and sacred precincts are an unforgettable highlight of any trip there.

The tall pyramids, richly decorated temples and palaces, ritual ball-game courts and gruesome sacrificial sites have amazed outsiders since the Spaniards arrived on Mexican soil in 1519. Visiting them today is still very much a journey of discovery into an extraordinary past, and an experience not to be missed.

Archaeologists have been uncovering ancient sites and making spectacular discoveries here since the 19th century. Many impressive sites have been restored and made accessible to visitors, while others have been explored only in part; thousands more remain untouched.

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