Healthy Living in Cabo San Lucas

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Vegetable standCabo San Lucas is more than just a party town, and most visitors don’t realize the vast array of opportunities here for healthy lifestyle options. In addition to the great outdoor activities such as: swimming, supping (stand up paddling), snorkeling, diving, fishing, walking, running, hiking, rock climbing, and golfing we also have some great options to eat out and specialty shops and markets for preparing that special meal at home. There are also state of the art medical facilities such as Blue Net Hospitals, as well as holistic healing centers and doctors to assist in your journey to health.

Right here in Pedregal we have a wonderful organic farmers’ market which is held each Wednesday and Saturday from 8-12. You can get fresh juices (fruit and vegetable) and healthy breakfast, lunch and now dinner options from Penny Lane Cafe, organic produce from the local farmers including fresh goat cheese and yogurt, eggs, chicken, and all sorts of fresh, organic local fruits and vegetables plus fresh seafood and a variety of baked goods, prepared salads, etc… I go to the farmers’ market twice a week to purchase my green veggie juice and the fresh produce I need. I realized how lucky I am on my last trip to the states when I couldn’t find the healthy options that are available to me right here in Cabo! Visit this website for more information on all the great options available at the spa and market:

Every Sunday the main road in town closes to automobile traffic so families (with their pets) can walk, ride, rollerblade, skate, etc…. It is a great way to get exercise and see all your friends and families as well. There are many gyms, including Club Rincon right here in Pedregal, as well as doctors and nutritionists available to help you tailor a program that is right for you. There are half marathons, five and ten mile walk/runs and many more options to participate in this great and healthy lifestyle!

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