Guest Blogger: Why I Love and Live in Mexico

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Puerto VallartaGuest blogger Sandy Pool shares with The MEXICO Report why she loves Mexico so much:

One of the questions I am often asked, is why I live in Mexico, why I love Mexico, and what makes me stay.

One of, or probably more accurately, the biggest reason to me, would be the people. Mexicans are open, friendly and sharing is done without even a thought. They have taught me to slow down and enjoy what and who is around you. To absolutely live in the moment. Walking down the street, everyone makes eye contact and greets you. I have been invited into homes for parties and to share meals, by total strangers, just because I was in the vicinity. Laughter, music, food and drink have no language barriers.

Because I have crewed on boat deliveries up and down the coast, I have found myself traveling on buses alone, quite often.

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