Good Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

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What tuna looks like out of the canFishing remains very good is sunny Cabo San Lucas. The bigger Yellowfin Tuna are anywhere you find Porpoise on both the Pacific side and Sea of Cortez. We've fished the 95 & 1150 spots, Jaime Bank, Golden Gate Hill and 10-20 miles straight out from the Arches. Just find the Porpoise and you should have a good day.

We continue to have very good luck landing the bigger Tuna on the kite. Nice sized Dorado are hitting lures and chin weighted Ballyhoo running just under the surface. We've had several Blue Marlin on both lures and Ballyhoo. Today the Porpoise were just 3-5 miles out from the Lighthouse with Blue Marlin feeding with them and we had a nice 300 pounder on Bomboy Mini-G lure.

Good Luck to everyone.

Capt. Ramon Hiram Montaño
Dream Weaver Sportfishing

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