Formation of the National Institute of Migración

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MEXICAN WAVEIn the Eighties, leaders of social, enterprise, political and religious organizations of resident the Mexican community and Mexican-American in the United States, were united to present to the government of Mexico the proposal to create mechanisms that they controlled and gradually they eliminated the indices of battering, extortion, robbery, corruption and great power which incurred servants public of diverse organizations of the Federal Government, against the fellow citizens in his enter the country.

For this reason, the 6 of April of 1989 the Federal Executive sent the Agreement by that actions of improvement of the services are orchestrated federal public in the borders, seaports and international airports of the country. Despite of which their objectives concentrated in the generation of majors currencies through tourism, the promotion to exports and the suitable transportation of people and merchandise, also he tried to grant major security to the usuary public, an honest and efficient handling of the goods and resources of the nation, the administrative simplification, the diffusion of the rights and obligations of the users and the promotion of systems of complaints and denunciations. From that year, the actions in the Agreement were known like “Program Of the same country”, where eight dependancies were involved: Secretariat of Interior, Secretariat of Foreign Relations, Secretariat of Property and Public Credit; Secretariat of the General Treasury inspector's office of the Federation SECOGEF (today Secretariat of the Public Function), SAGAR (today Secretariat of Agriculture Cattle ranch Rural Development Fishing and Feeding, Secretariat of Communications, Secretariat of Health, Secretariat of Tourism, as well as the General Office of the judge advocate general of the Republic and Auxiliary Airports and Services. Originally the General Treasury inspector's office of the Federation was the one who it summoned to the meetings and evaluated the advances.

The first operation of the Program was realized in December of 1989 and by several years it only worked in holiday periods. Little by little the actions to safeguard the rights of the fellow citizens in their enter or transit Mexico went away extending.

With the National Plan of Development the 1995-2000 Program Of the same country, acquired major importance within the named initiative “Mexican Nation”, that it looked for to dignify the work of the Mexicans abroad; that the fellow citizens when returning received a fair treatment, suitable direction and respect to their human rights and properties inherited from parents; and, to recognize the importance of strengthening the cultural bonds and social and economic nexuses with the communities of Mexican and people with Mexican roots in EUA and Canada.

Later, decisions important were taken to fortify it, as it went to integrate it to the strategic programs of the National Institute of Migración (INM); to establish representations in Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas, and thus to add efforts of legislators, social organizations and state and municipal governments.