Top chefs and foreigners travel to Mexico to 'learn what's old'

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Categories: Food, Mexico

huitlacocheChristopher Kostow, looking for food items at the Mercado San Juan, Mexico City's most "gourmet" public market, while being flogged by vendors wanting to sell their produce.

Kostow's restaurant in Napa Valley boasts 3 Michelin Stars, but is in Mexico to sample some of the country's best delicacies including: gray oysters from Baja California, lychee-like hairy rambutan from southern Chiapas, and red flying ants from Oaxaca.

Like many of the world's top chefs, Kostow, wishes to experiment with the ingredients and flavors in real Mexican cuisine, which in the past was dismissed as tortillas drowned in heavy sauces and cheese.

Said Kostow, "you come to Mexico to learn what's old" referring to ancient cooking traditions of Mexico's indigenous tribes. "There are flavors of great depth, and there are techniques that are pretty challenging."

In the past few years Mexico has earned some foodie respect, previously given only to country's like France and Italy.

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