Floating Life: Cruising Mexico City Canals

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By Dainis MatisonsMexico City canals -- Picture this: you’re floating down a network of green canals in a colorful, open air trajinera (gondola) named Viva Lupita. Your silent boatman propels you through the waters using a long wooden pole. On the banks, barely visible through the bushes, orchards, trees and flowers, you spot small homes, children running, women hanging laundry. Musicians and refreshment vendors float alongside you in other boats, offering up food, drink and song. Trumpeting mariachis and a large family sing the traditional Mexican birthday serenade ‘Las Mañanitas’ to a little girl in two boats to your right; to your left, a passing group of young and boisterous revelers shout and laugh. You and your friends relax on the paper-flower adorned Viva Lupita‘s wooden benches, enjoying antojitos (snacks) and roast chicken, tortillas and beer in the warm late afternoon sun.

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