Flight of the Butterflies Opens in Mexico and Theaters Worldwide

September 20, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico

The Flight of the Butterflies will open in select theaters nationwide beginning October 1st.

Every winter, the remote and mountainous volcanic forests of Mexico are home to one of nature’s greatest gatherings – hundreds of millions of migrating monarch butterflies weathering the winter. For centuries this miracle was hidden from all but a few. When it was revealed to the world it was hailed as one of the greatest discoveries in nature. It also unveiled the longest insect migration on Earth.

The documentary film follows the 2,500 mile-long journey of one of the most amazing animal migrations on earth, the Monarch Butterfly. This epic natural history is interwoven with a compelling detective story, a scientific adventure at it’s best and the discovery of the overwintering monarch sites: the remote mountains of central Michoacán, Mexico.

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