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Mexpro Mexican Insurance testimonialsWow! We were able to sift through some customer testimonials this week — and they are GREAT! We are very happy to see that our hard work is paying off. If you need convincing, read these...from all over the country!!

"The website was very user friendly and easy to use. It is much easier to purchase the policy online, rather than stopping to purchase near the border. Thank you." Robert Meadors - Phoenix, Arizona 07-28-2011

"The site was very simple to navigate - I like that you have links to Kelly Blue Book and information at every step, thank you!" Ronda Holtom - Prescott, Arizona 07-13-2011

"Very impressed with the speed of your website. All makes / models of vehicles loaded super quick and buying policy was super fast." John K - Phoenix, Arizona 07-08-2011

"We always use this site and love it. Thanks for making it so easy." Tony & Char Cooper - Tucson, Arizona 07-06-2011


"Excellent program, quick service, knowledgeable staff, quality product." Marsha Cantrell - Tallahassee, Florida 06-24-2011

"Your website is easy to use." Judy Lacy - Nogales, Arizona 06-21-2011

"I appreciate how easy this was! Thank you, our family trip should be quite successful." Danielle Cadwallader - San Jose, California 06-15-2011

"I have used a different insurance company to cover my vehicle while I travel to Mexico. My previous insurer could not provide theft coverage due to age of my car. This was important to me so I continued my search for one that would provide that service. Your application was easy to fill out and the information provided is clear and detailed. I believe I will continue using your services. PS. I have bought Mexican insurance for quite some time and have never had an accident or a claim." Carlos Maldonado - Pueblo, Colorado 06-14-2011

Mexpro.com would like to thank our loyal customers for allowing us to print their generous testimonials.

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