Extreme Kellie in Mexico: Drives Baja 1000 Style

March 20, 2010 by
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Article by "Extreme" Kellie MacMullan of KWGN Denver
March 8, 2010

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Every year, the Baja 1000 brings out the most extreme racers to Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. They drive some of the fastest off road vehicles out there.

At first glance, the cars look like life-sized remote control cars, but these get up to 90 miles per hour AROUND corners and the best part...I got to get in the driver's seat!

After staying in San Diego a few days, we drove south, about 80 miles across the Mexican border through a little town called Ensenada. Way back through villages and two lane roads, we hit Wide Open Baja's Horsepower Ranch, where my photographer and I, along with representatives from Vitalyte, were all greeted by a phenomenal staff.

Founded by racers, Horsepower Ranch is now a hot spot for tourists, where anyone looking to push it can get behind the wheel of these super fast cars. On top of that, they truly gave us VIP treatment... amazing food, service and hospitality. They really took care of us over night.

We got a quick walk-though, learned about what it takes to drive these $100,000 dollar cars and then we basically just buckled up and took off….

We got out on small roads through villages in the rolling hills of Mexico. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, to say the least.

Since I was the only woman on the trip, I even got to drive the official "ladies" car...

My photographer rode with me to start and after a few minutes out on the road, he'd had enough! I thought I was going to drive right off a cliff at one point… driving around blind corners with rocks, mud, water...you name it, I drove through it!

This experience is truly any guy's dream...what's better than getting behind the wheel of a real race car and pushing it in excess of 90 miles per hour around corners, over rocks, up hills and through huge mud pits! To top it all off, the moment we drove back into the Ranch, we were awaited by ice cold beers. Awesome!