Essential Skills for Expats 3: Negotiation & Barter

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By Mexico Insight Negotiation and barter are woven into the fabric of Mexican culture. In 1520, Hernan Cortes wrote to Emperor Carlos V of Spain describing a city with “many plazas, where there are continuous markets and dealings in buying and selling”. Since at least Aztec times, Mexicans have been devout traders. Five hundred years… Read more »

Essential Skills for Expats 1: Learn Spanish

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By Mexico Insight at In this series of articles we will examine five essential skills any budding expat considering Mexico should develop, whether the move is for living, working or retirement, full-time or part-time. In this first article, we examine possibly the most essential skill of all: learning the local language. Even if you… Read more »

Travel and Expat Medical Insurance in Mexico

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by Alex Routh Insurance can seem quite complicated. What is best for you and why? If you’re spending time in Mexico, can you take your medical policy with you? Or should you purchase travel insurance? Are there other alternatives? It all depends! What is admitted health insurance? In the insurance industry, “admitted” means “licensed, registered… Read more »