More Expatriate Insights–The Book

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More Expat Insights

George Puckett just finished his e-book Mexico-More Expatriate Insights. The Sequel is a continuation of the original book, Mexico-Expatriate Insights. Retirement locations not included in the first version are included in the sequel, with tons of information on living in Mexico. This e-book, full of invaluable information, sells for only $5.99 but you can have… Read more »

Expat Back in the US: Part II

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Mexico Expat in the US

I’ve just concluded my month-long vacation with my family and old friends in Washington State where I grew up, in the US of A. I’ve been back in Mexico for only 24 hours, and I’m already feeling what I missed. To be honest, I was pretty homesick for my life in Mexico, and I think… Read more »

Why I choose Ex-Patriotism

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Our friend, Al Barrus, has been writing blog articles for from Mexico for more than two months. We at really enjoy his articles, and hope you feel the same. Out of our own curiosity we asked him to write more about his story. This week’s post is a heartwarming story about a very… Read more »

“Mexico on My Mind” New eBook: Best Places to Live in Mexico

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Mexico may be the place to live out your days or retirement if you are looking for white sandy beaches, a moderate climate, Spanish colonial villages, or wishing to hang out with the world’s top artists and writers. For those of you who think Mexico might be for you, created an eBook guide to… Read more »