Mexico's Passport Requirement Eased for Baja

Posted February 17, 2010 by & filed under Baja, Border Crossing, Driving to Mexico.

A new Mexican law requiring U.S. visitors to provide passport identification when entering Mexico by land, sea and air will not be enforced at border crossings in Baja California, according to authorities in Tijuana. Mexico’s top Baja immigration official, Francisco Javier Reynoso Nuño, stated, “We’re going to stay the same,” after a meeting with state… Read more »

Tips and Updates for Driving to Mexico this Winter Season

Posted December 23, 2009 by & filed under Driving to Mexico, Tips, Winter.

Flagstaff, Arizona December 23, 2009 —, a leading provider of insurance for driving to Mexico, released a list of tips and updates regarding driving to Mexico this winter season. Millions of Snowbirds, Hispanics and vacationers drive to Mexico during the winter months to vacation and to visit family. Here are some tips for those… Read more »