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Use these tips to make your travel easy!

You must have  Mexico Auto Insurance when driving your vehicle into Mexico. If you do have an accident without coverage and do damage to third parties you may be detained. Click here to read our COMPLETE DRIVING TO MEXICO Survival Kit with all the information you need to understand to drive your car into Mexico without any hassles.

Proof of citizenship – you must have proof of citizenship at all times.

Proof of car ownership – valid vehicle registration certificate, or a document, such as the original title that certifies the legal ownership of the vehicle. It must be in the driver’s name. This is for any non-Mexico plated vehicle.

A Passport/Passport card and valid driver’s license. If the name on your driver’s license is different than the name on your passport due to a recent marriage, you need to bring your marriage certificate.

If traveling outside the  Mexico Free Zone, you will need a Mexico Vehicle Importation Permit. You must have an affidavit from any lien holder authorizing temporary importation in order to obtain an Importation Permit.  Click here to apply for a Vehicle Importation Permit online from Banjercito.

3 Responses to “Mexpro’s Top Tips for Driving to Mexico”

  1. Chris Cox


    For the least hassle and little to no wait I highly recommend using the Colombia Bridge near Laredo. Driving down I35 you will exit at the 24 mile mark (there is excellent signage for the exit) and take a toll road to the Colombia Bridge. Once you cross over the bridge into Mexico you need to stop and park and enter the Banjercito to get your visitor and car permits. Note that you have to post a bond of upto $400 for your car. This will only be refunded when you turn in the car permit (180 days max.).

    After getting the permits you will continue until exit the border area and come to a T junction. At that point turn left onto a divided highway and continue until you reach Rt 57 south. This way you avoid the city of Nuevo Laredo and any potential problems.

    We have crossed many times using the Colombia Bridge and have found it to be the best way.

  2. Jack M.

    There is a recent post on this blog, which links to Facebook where it is a “Travel Buddy” signup page. Maybe that is what you are looking for?

  3. Bob Miller

    I am looking for someone that is crossing the border on or about October 26th thru October 28th. This is my first time driving in Mexico and we would like information from people who have made this trip before. Stories from people and news media have me confused and hesitant. We would feel more comfortable driving with others either part of all the way. We are from Omaha and plan on crossing at Laredo, TX approximately October 28th.


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