Driving Across the Border for Cheaper Gas

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High Gas in New MexicoBy Tony Shin, KNSD

As Californians cope with soaring gas prices, some San Diegans are trying to get the best deal they can even if it means leaving the country.

The average price of gasoline jumped nearly 50 cents in the past week with drivers, consumer watchdog groups and politicians crying foul.

After setting a state record Monday, the increases in the price of gas may be slowing.

The AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report released Tuesday shows the average price of regular jumped only a fraction of a cent overnight to a bit over $4.67 a gallon.

With signs spotted around San Diego asking more than $5 for a gallon of gas, some drivers are heading south of the border to find a bargain.

“I don’t buy gas in the U.S. anymore I’ll buy it in Mexico,” said one Chula Vista resident.

One driver, who identified himself only as “Joe,” has a Hummer, an Expedition, an Excursion and a BMW, so he says he has no choice but to find the cheapest gas.

Images taken at a gas station in Tijuana show a gallon of regular gas priced at about $3.30 USD.

“Every time I fill my tank I’m saving probably $30 a tank at least,” Joe said.

While others may say it’s not worth the hassle because it can take hours to cross the border there may be other benefits to paying the price for gas in the U.S.

Tijuana resident Eduardo Pinto crosses the U.S.-Mexico border to buy more expensive gas in San Diego County simply because he believes quality is more important than price.

“The gas in Mexico is cheaper but it is bad,” Pinto said. “Here in the U.S. it’s expensive but it’s better.”

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