Divers Rescue Whale Shark Caught In Thick Rope

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Whale SharkA group of Scuba divers in Mexico rescued a pregnant whale shark from almost certain death by cutting a thick rope which had wrapped itself around the animal's body.

The incident took place in a marine nature reserve near Roca Partida, one of Mexico's Revillagigedo Islands, some 400 kilometres to the southeast of the resort town of Cabo San Lucas.

The whale shark was about 10 metres (33 feet) in length and weighed approximately 15 tons. The animal was swimming approximately 30 metres (100 feet) below the ocean's surface.

Divers discovered the whale shark during a routine tourist trip aboard the Solmar V, a luxury live-aboard dive vessel that operates from Cabo San Lucas when they saw the animal and decided to act, much to the delight of the cheering tourists on board.

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