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June 22, 2012 by
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By Suzanne Barbezat,

It's a familiar scenario for me: I start chatting with people who are traveling in Mexico and ask them about their experiences. They most always rave about it, about how they're enjoying it so much, the people are so kind, the culture is so rich, the sights are incredible, the food is delicious... They're enthused about their time in Mexico and I get caught up in the emotion of it, because that's how I feel too, and I feel so strongly about how much beauty and goodness and warmth Mexico has to offer. And then I think: I wish there was a way to let more people know about this, to communicate this joy, this wonder at the experience of traveling in Mexico. So I'm glad to report that the Mexico Tourism Board has discovered a way to do just that.

taxiThe Mexico Taxi project is a series of ads that show real travelers talking about their time in Mexico. Inspired by the HBO series "Taxicab Confessions", in the Mexico Taxi Project, travelers returning from Mexico talk about their experiences on their trip with the driver on their ride home from the airport. Hidden cameras capture the conversation and upon arrival, the passengers are asked to sign a waiver allowing the hidden camera footage to be used.

The first phase of the Mexico Taxi Project launched in October 2011 with ads filmed in Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, but it was so successful that the Mexico Tourism Board decided to film more ads in San Francisco and Vancouver. It's so sad to me that many people have misconceptions about what kind of experiences they'll encounter here in Mexico, so I'm pleased that the Mexico Tourism Board has found a way to show some of the positive experiences that the overwhelming majority of visitors encounter in Mexico. The commercials are still running, so keep an eye out for them!

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